Kidney-Kind snacking

Kidney-Kind snacking


Let's get to the heart of the kidney

Phabulous Foods now offers its PHAB MIX in two irresistible flavors:

Phun 'n' Honey and Phun 'n' Zesty! 

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Our Mission and Vision

Our mission at Phabulous Foods is to delight and satisfy our customers with flavorful, ready-to-eat snack food items created with kidney-kind ingredients. 

It is important to us to elevate the awareness of kidney health in every home and provide those affected by kidney-related diseases with flavorful, better for you snack food options.


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How and Why we Became Phabulous


Phabulous Foods wasn't started just because we love good food!  It started because one little boy opened our eyes (and kidneys) to a whole new world.  Let us share our story with you....

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The ingredients used in the products of Phabulous Foods are widely considered by nutritional resources to be consistent with a kidney-healthy diet.  These foods will not help to treat or cure kidney disease.